Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tyron Savimbi

From: Tyron Savimbi

Dearest One,

This letter may come to you as a surprise based on the fact that I have not
had any previous contact with you. Briefly, I am Tyron Savimbi the only
Surviving son of late Jonas Savimbi the former UNITA rebel leader in Angola.
It was known to everybody, my late father was betrayed and got killed by an
unknown assailants. My father was the richest man in Angola during his live
time, He acquired his wealth from selling of Gold and Diamonds. You may read
more about my father on the link:

The enemy also executed everyone bearing Savimbi, thus making sure that we
were completely wiped out, but glory be to God who brought an aid loyal to my
father met with me and my sister and sneaked us to Congo, a neighboring
country from where arrangements was made for me to come to Holland where I
decided to seek for asylum.

Shortly before this unfortunate incident, my father had informed me about a
deposit he made with a SECURITY COMPANY here in Spain.

He handed to me some lodgment documents with which he had deposited some money
encased in a trunk box with the SECURITY COMPANY. He told me in confidence
that Security Company does not know the exact contents of the box; rather, he
told them that it contained African art work that he had assembled for his
overseas partner who would soon be coming to claim them for exportation.

As a result of this explanation, the box was accepted for safe-keeping by the
security company without inspection. Prior to my arrival I have since
contacted the security company, identified myself properly based on the
documents i possessed and informed them about the sad fate my father had
So I informed them that I intend initiating contacts with my father’s oversea
partner who owns the consignment so that he can come and take delivery of it.
My decision to retrieve this box, transfer the money and start new life forms
the basis of this enquiry from you.

My only hope now is in this fund our father deposited with this Security
company to this effect, I humbly solicit your assistance in the followings
ways, to assist me claim this fund from the Security Company as my father's
business partner abroad and co-beneficiary, to retrieve this money from the
Security Company in your name and transfer it to your country, to make a good
arrangement for a joint business investment on our behalf in your country and
you as the caretaker, to secure a college for me in your country to further my
education and to make arrangement for me and my sister back in Africa to
travel with you to your country after you have transferred this fund.

If you can assist me on these points above, I shall give you 35% of the total
money while setting aside 10% for all incidental expenses that may arise in
the course of actualizing the transaction (such expenses as phone calls fax
messages) Please i need to inform you that this matter is confidential, I want
you to treat it as such please for the safety of my life. Kindly respond to my


Savimbi Tyron M.
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