Friday, February 15, 2008

Urgent From:Dr.Peter Korolev

Dr.Peter Korolev
World Bank Monitoring Agent(Attachee to Nigeria)

Attn: Beneficairy,


My names are Dr.Peter Korolev from Russian Republic.I am one of the fund
Monitoring Agents recently attached to the Nigerian Federal Ministry of
Finance from the World Bank Switzerland to monitor the rate of fraudlent
and scam activities that is going on in Nigeria and to make sure that all
foreign contractors with the Federal Government of Nigeria recieve their
contract payments within the next 30 days before we go back to our base in
Switzerland and I am very glad to inform you that through our
recommendations and payments approvals,over fourty contractors have been
fully paid of their contract fund.

I am compelled to write you in respect of this particular contract file
valued $USD16,000.000.00(Sixteen Million United States) which was executed
to the satisfaction of the Federal Government of Nigeria by a foreign firm
by name "ELBLAN IND.S.A. LUXEMBOURG".This contract file,does not have the
true physical address and contact telephone numbers of this company and
all our efforts to make the government of Nigeria release the fund to its
rightful beneficiary proved abortive due to the non-existance of the
contact information of the company in the file.

I have therefore decided as the head of this monitoring agents to make a
deal with you provided you will not reveal my identity and this secret to
anyone.I intend to tender a letter of resignation the moment you have
confirmed this fund in your possession and I returned back to my base in

What I need from you this moment,is to give me your consent so that I can
present you to the Nigerian Foreign Contract Guarantee Board as the
President/Ceo of ELBLAN IND.S.A. LUXEMBOURG and ask them to authorise the
payee bank to release the fund to you as the true beneficiary of the
contract fund.

If you are interested,send to me as a matter of urgency,your full names
and contact information so that I can insert them in the file before
meeting with the Foreign Contract Guarantee Board before they must
certainly request for the file the moment I make my recommendations that
the fund must be paid to you.

My assurance to you is that this transaction is 100% risk free guaranteed
and as an insider here,I will retrieve every information of yours in the
file and destroy immediately so that there will not be any trace of you
and the fund once it has been transferred to you.

I await your immediate response to this message.

Sincerely yours,

Dr.Peter Korolev.

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