Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thanks for your past effort; Contact Pastor Urgent

My Dear Friend,

This is to thank you for your effort.I nderstood that your hands were tied,But Not to worry.I have succeeded,the money has been transfered into the ccount provided by a newly found friend of mine in Australia. To compensate for your past assistance and commitments,i have droped an International Certifie Bank Draft cheque worth of ($1,5 ) Five Million for you.

I am in London with my family presently.I do intend to establish some business concerns here,and possibly buy some properties.Contact my Secretary in benin-Republic his name is pastor jamesbert. on his email below( ) Forward my mail to him,then ask him to send the cheque to you.

Take good care of your self.
Best Regards,

Senator HiLL john .(SAB).

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