Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dear Respected Winner.......

Dear Winner,

Ref No: MELI-T/ 17-F044262312 Batch No:901/00319/HLP Zonal Draw No: GMLA2-003
Grand Draw No: 12099Your email addresses were selected and you are a lucky winners of the sum
of(1,000,000.00G.B.P) which is equivalent to ($2,000.000.00 USD.
in the uk free lottery sweepstakes award 2008,
contact our {Financial Controller with the information
belowfor clearance.FINANCIAL CONTROLLER:Mr.Peterson Irvin}
1. Full Names:2.Address:3. Age:4. Sex:5.Marital Status:
6.Occupation:7.Phone numbers:
8. Fax number:9. Country:

Mrs Eva Pedro
Online Coordinator

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