Saturday, March 29, 2008

Development Bank of Singapore

From the desk of: Mr. Roy Chun Vu
Development Bank of Singapore ,
137 Market Street, Singapore 048943

Special information!

A customer of ours who may relate to you (perhaps) in Singapore died three years ago in Tsunami tragedy Indonesia leaving behind an estate/capital (US$42.9M with interest) in a bank here where I work, till date nobody has come forward or put application for the claim.

Please log on to this websites for more information about the Tsunami tragedy.
Our investigation of the said account reveals that the death occurred three years ago the exact time the account was last operated. I can confirm with certainty that the said investor died interstate and NO next–of–kin to his estate has been found or has come forward all these years. We are convinced that using our insider leverage, we, working with you can secure the funds in the account for us instead of allowing it pass as unclaimed funds into the coffers of the Government of Singapore. This is especially possible as you bear the same LAST NAME to the said investor/decease.

We urge you to come forward since we can provide you with the details needed for you to claim the estate/capital so that we can be gratify by you, in
this way $12,870,000.00 for you and $25,740,000.00 for me and my colleagues and the remaining $4.290,000.00 for miscellaneous expenses incurred during the cost of this project though my colleagues and I will do all the crucial part in the bank to have the claim release to you promptly. To affirm your willingness and cooperation please do so by replying me at my private email ( stating your FULL NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, TELEPHONE NUMBER, FAX NUMBER, PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS AND POSTAL ADDRESS.

I do expect you prompt response.

Thank you,

Roy Chun Vu

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