Tuesday, June 24, 2008



This notice is urgent and important. I am a member of staff of Bank of America at the Oregon branch and my department is in charge of monitoring all online transactions relating to the use of Credit Cards and Transfers of Funds via account through the internet.

We have noticed several fraudulent activities and unauthorised login attempts to your online account. There have been loop holes to your account due to bad use of your Credit Card. It is unfortunate that your card issuer is not aware of these acts otherwise, they would have made a former complaint to you. For that reason, this dept. in Bend, Oregon deemed it necessary to inform you of this plight in the light of your security.

You may have logon your credit card details into a fraudulent website and the perpetrators subsequently gained access to your account informations, OR you may have given your Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) to fraudsters.

We also noticed that you have not registered your credit card with the Verified by Visa program. Ensure to register your cards with Verified by Visa program as soon as possible.

We are sending you this notice because we have placed a hold on the funds that was recently transfered to your account because you have a bad credit report due to the fraudulent activities that have been taking place recently using your account credentials.

The amount that was transferred to your account is: $324,000 (three hundred and twenty four thousand dollars) We pratically do not know were these funds are coming from as it has no trace of coming from our bank. It may have been a mix-transfer of funds.

The money that was transferred to your account is quite huge and we do not intend to release the hold until the unauthorise use of your credit card {ACCOUNT} has been retified.

Note the following:

1. Do not send your Credit Card informations via the internet or via emails.
2. Do not disclose your Social Security Numbers (SSN) to any third case party.
3. Shop online but only on trusted websites.

To register your credit card with Veried by Visa program, visit:


Note that as soon as you have registered your card with the verified by visa program, it will increase the security level of the usage of your credit cards for online shopping and other internet activities.

We have started the process to block all loop holes and unauthorised accesses to your account. As soon as we are through with the process, you will get a confirmation notice from your card issuer.

As soon as we reconfirm the informations above, we will have to release the HOLD on the $324,000 USD that was wired to your account. Note that you will have to effect an upfront fee of $187.00 to the Monitoring Dept. to enable us carry out the necessary maintenance protocols on your account. Note that you have only 48 hours to do this.

As soon as we confirm your payment in this office, we will start up the maintenance process immediately. The held money will be reflected in your account within 24 hours upon our confirmation of your payment.

Note that we will not release the money that was transferred to your account until all corrections have been carried out successfully through our maintenance protocol.

You are NOT required to make any further complaint to your card issuer. We will resolve and block all unauthorised accesses to your account, from this office. Making any complaint at this time would make us appear uneffective and we would not tolerate such acts.

You are required to provide the below details for reconfirmation of the information we have in our database.

Complete the below information and send it to the Account Monitoring Officer: Mr. John Edward on: edward.john@live.com

Full Names:
Phone Numbers:
Your Card Issuing Bank:
Your Card Type:

We hope to hear from you urgently.


Mrs Darryn Mendenhall,
Director, Customer Care Unit.
Bank of America.

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