Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hello Dear,
How are you doing and your day.Hope all is fine?please i have this which i don't know if i disturb you or not.

Am married with two kids,me and my husband has been divorced
i work in California state Lottery.Meanwhile am the Assistant to the commission.

My main purpose of writing this is because of unclaimed funds that has been won by this number which the company don't know the owner of the winning number.

I am the Assistant to the Commission i want you to claim this funds, though you did not obtain the ticket but i can provide you with all the winning information's.

Here is Winning Numbers:for the unclaimed funds;9,10,26,29,39.Retail Locations of Winning Tickets:7-ELEVEN 2174-18590B 2615 CARSON ST LAKEWOOD 90712.

I can't use any of my relations for such a deal because it might reflect and looks suspicious. I'm sure a total stranger is ideal for this claim that's why I'm contacting you.Get back to me for more information's.The lottery winning amount is $750,000.

Mrs Elisa Topete

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