Saturday, June 28, 2008

In Good Faith I Contact You

In Good Faith I Contact You and I quite believe that life is vanity;the only
life worth Living is a life devoted to serve the Almighty Creator, most
merciful, most compassionate and most benevolent. This is the reason for my
present decision that is absolutely based on freewill and humanitarian
I am Tyron Savimbi the only surviving child of the Jonas Savimbi, The
Head of the UNITA Rebel of Angola. My late father fought the agonizing civil
war from the very scratch in order to protect Angolans, and
he was in charge of selling of diamonds and other solid minerals that belong
to the rebels stronghold area. This Position made him very rich and
powerful, that the other rebel supporters of UNITA became envious that they
set my father up and he was killed. Please click the links below for details
, , they also executed
everyone baring Savimbi, thus making sure that we were completely wiped out,
but glory be to the creator who brought an aid loyal to my father met with
me and my Mother and sneaked us to Zambia, a neighbouring country from where
we travelled to London, UK.

Some months ago, my late mother took me to a Financial outfit where my late
Father deposited large sum of money which he acquired during the war and I
took possession I do not want this money to get into wrong hands by means of
interstate Laws. I want you to retrieve this funds and give it to charity
for me.

May the guidance of the lord be with you and your household.

Tyron Savimbi

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