Friday, May 23, 2008

CONTACT THE Company NOW Name: United State Parcel Service (USPS) Security Department.

Dearest Sir/madam,

I am very happy to inform you that I have been able to work out a new way to which you will receive this your cashier's check of $2.5 Million as parcel and as it may interest you to know I have been able to get in contact with Central Bank Of Benin to help cash the check. Right now it is cash box / consignment.

And I have been able to get in contact with a Diplomat who is going to deliver the consignment to your door step and as I made the plan he will be delivering the consignment to you and the content of the consignment will be the total US $2.5 Million in cash AS IT WAS BEFORE,
although I did not revel to him about the content of the consignment because I simply told him that the content of the consignment is your personal belongings/ family valuables.

consignment still with him but we want to inform you to know if the arrangement is good for you before we can submit the information for be delivery. Remember the consignment will be registered as family valuables for security reasons under security monitoring department with a seal
on it for security reasons, so do not allow them to know the real content until you receive it.

According to the management of the dispatching company this afternoon he said that You can find the code number on the consignment, there is a place in it they will wrote (TRP16) , when you open it through that side you will see the code to open the consignment, so contact the company today on this information bellow:

Therefore at this point I wish to know your readiness to receive your fund as you will be required to reconfirm your receiving address once more and forward to the company so that I will make sure that I gave them your correct address to avoid any mistake about the delivery. They
told me that you will be required to pay for the delivery of the parcel for a little rate amount of money which will only cost $98 dollar.

Company Name: United State Parcel Service (USPS) Security Department.

Contact Person: Mr MIKE JIMY:
Tel/Fax +229-93158869

Note; your consignment will be register as family valuables
Remember they will ask you for this followings:

Your Full Name................
Your Home Address.............
Your current Phone Numbers ..........
You’re Cell Numbers...............
You personal identification............

Also I want to remind you that no body will tamper the parcel until it gets to your destination.
Waiting to hear from you soon about this and don’t fail to indicate your direct and current phone number as well.

Thanks and best regards.

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