Friday, May 30, 2008

PSE Consulting London (Loan)

PSE Consulting
32 Candler Mews
Amyand Park Road.
United Kingdom

Tel: +44-020-7453-2730
Phone: +44-7045-711-834
Fax: +44-7006-025-705

I am a consultant; I am in partnership with NONI WELLNESS PROGRAMME INDIA. We negotiate for loans to people who wish to do business but do not have funds to do it. Any profit oriented transaction as far as it is verifiable then we can give a loan for you to finalize the transaction. If you wish to buy a house to put up for rent or to do other business to make profit. This is to also assist people who do not have any source of income who depend on their social security to have a starting point to better their financial status. No matter the amount we can finalize on the arrangement and transfer the loan amount to you through our paying bankers. But we do not give any loan less than US$5,000.00 this is to ensure that we also make our profit and interest.
The interest Rate will be discussed and it is negotiable consequent on the amount that is involved. But not lower than 10% interest depending on what is involved.
Reply to or through the fax: +44-7006-025-705
Paul Smith Enest

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