Friday, May 30, 2008


Good day,

This email may come to you as a surprise as we have not had a formal contact but I am desperate to make contact with you through this means as a last resort. I am Paul Lockett the Personal Assistant (Middle East) to Mr. Khodorkovsky, who is a prominent Russian, and whom here in after shall be referred to as my client. Since 2005, my Client has been having series of issues with the government and this has lead to us closing down most of our offshore business accounts to avoid confistication by the government.

In the course of closing down operations, I have discovered the existence of ideal funds trapped in an offshore account in the United Kingdom. Forty-Nine Million Five hundred United States Dollars Only ($49,500,000.00). The existence of these funds is known only by me as all documents in relation to the existence of this account is assumed destroyed by my client. Due to my present travel restrictions by the government, I am constrained.

These funds are secured in an escrow account in the United Kingdom and can be transferred from the escrow account to your personal or business account once you have assured me of your ability and capacity to receive the funds for disbursement amongst the two of us at a ration of 50:50%. The funds were deposited in my name as a front for my client and all documents in relation to this bears my name to avoid the search by the government, so you need not entertain any worries.

To verify my claim, I would provide you the Escrow account details of the offshore account to enable you verify the existence of these funds. Once you have verified and you are in a position to assist in receiving the funds on my behalf, then I would provide you more details.

1. To verify, please call the Automated Number of the Bank: +44-700-580-7937
2. You would require to put your account pin code followed by # key
3. Account Number: 265963

The account balance can be confirmed from the steps above. I would provide you the name and contact officer at the bank so as to enable you make collection and thereafter we would share the funds in equal ratio. The whole process for collection should take approximately 7 bank working days if you follow the steps and procedure for receipt
of the funds by the bank accordingly.

Please get back to me only after you have verified my claims and you would be a serious and committed partner in this business relationship.

Note: You can get in contact with me at my private e-mail below: Email:
( )

Best Regards,
Mr. Paul Lockett

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