Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dearest Friend

Dearest Friend,

I have cashed your cheque total sum of $950.000.00 usd so that it can
be deliver to your doorstep within 24 hours by Fedex company Benin
Republic as soon as you contact them with your contact details and reconfirm
your personal details to Fedex for secure delivery,
The Certificate that will lead the Box to your Doorstep without the
fedex shipping agent having problem with customs has been obtained and has
been issued to me by the Fedral Ministary of Finance here in Benin
Republic.The only fee you have to send to fedex is $89 usd which be used
to obtain insurance Certificate /claims of affadvite to enable fedex
complete the delivery of your fund to your doorstep within 24 to 48 hours.

Public Relation officer,
Dr Johnson Jerry
Website, Tel:
Mobile Phone; +22995750771
Telephone +22993407948
1.Your Full Name
2.Your current mailing addresss
3.Your current Telephone Number,
4.Nearest airport to your house.
Take note that fedex company here in Benin Republic promise to send to
you the tracking number and the airway bill of your consignment as soon
you send the require charge to them and your consignment dispatch to
your country, to enable you monitor your fund until it gets to your
doorstep okay.below are the code numbers to your box take note of it to
avoid misplacement of your fund when he gets to your country.
Registration no.RRRRRRRRFSCGS11
Tag Number.XXXX444
Batch Number.F111FDXZ
Barr Adams Jerry Office.

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