Friday, June 13, 2008

good news my friend.

Dear Friend,
I want to inform you that the fee for your Cheque Draft has been Paid this week 13/6/2008 2:30 Pm afternoon because the manager of Eco Bank Benin told me that before the check will get to you it will expire.So i told him to cash the $900,000.00,all the necessary arrangement of delivering of the $900,000.00 in cash was made with UNFED EX COMPANY WORLD WILD.Here is the contact of the Un fed ex Company World Wildbellow.

Mr Joseph Uog.

*1.YOUR FULL NAME___________________________
*2.YOUR HOME ADDRESS ___________________________
*5.A COPY OF YOUR PICTURE__________________
PleasemakesureyousendthisneededinfototheDirectorgeneralUn FedEx Company world wildinBeninMartinsIke.withtheaddress given toyou.Note.The fed ex company here don't know the contents of the Box. Iregistered it as a damages of jeansreturningtotheretailer.TheydonlayingwiththeBox.Please don't let themtoknowthatthecontentsoftheBoxismoneytoavoid themfromdelayingwiththebox.IamwaitingforyoururgenMeanwhile theonlyfeeyouhavetopaythemis$295USDtheywillusetoobtaininsurancecertificateandclaimsofaffidavitthatwillprovetheboxthat consist total sum of $900,000.00 belongs to you.Be rest assurethatallotherfeeshavebeenpaidbyme.Iamwaijoytogether.<> Thanks. victor.peter

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