Saturday, April 26, 2008


Ahora puedes escribirme a:

- Dearest Friend, I am Amaka Able and happen to be the Managing Director of a Textiles Company here in England. We actually need Someone that is God fearing, Honest, Caring and Intelligent in your Country who will act as the Company representative in your Country and will always deduct 10% of every Fund collected by the person which is also very much for Real, Legal and 100% Risk Free. We normally supply Raw Materials to Some Companies/clients there in your country However am very much sorry if happen to border you with this email but think it is the only means believe can get a God Fearing person to help Represent our Company.I do come to the United state of America to receive Payment after have made the supply of raw materials to them So I realize that its quite too expensive and stressful for me to be traveling each time to receive such payment twice in a month because most of the payment I usually receive is paid by Cashier's Check or Money Orders.It is meant to be a part time job and it is easy to do because you don't have to go any length to pick the Payment because I will instruct my Clients to make the Payment in which ever Name and Information you provide and ask him or her to mail it out to you via any of this postal services .Federal Express FedEx, UPS or D.H.L .So all you will need is to provide me with your full name and address where the payment can be addressed so that my Clients can issue you the Payment as soon as possible while you await my update on when the Payment will arrive at your destination so as not to affect your present Job and or further correspondence kindly get back to me directly to my Email: able.amaka@yahoo.comThank you very much for the Patience, Trust and Co-operation, May the Lord Almighty Grant you all your Wish.BOLGON TEXTILES INDUSTRIAL LTD.Amaka Able 189 JOWL ROAD Oxfords street London United Kingdom tel: -208-485-8539

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