Tuesday, April 22, 2008


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Dear Friend,

This letter may come to you as a surprise because we have not met before but borne out of my sincere desire for assistance and to establish a business relationship with you, I got your contact from my late FATHER achieves, because he had contact with the International Trade and Commerce (I.T.C) and now that he is dead I believe you can be able to assist us invest this large sum of money we have in our possession.

My name is Mr. John Mabuza., my Late FATHER Mr. ADAMS MABUZA, was a member of the Zimbabwean ruling council, he was killed in a coup plot by President Robert Mugabes body guards because he was against the seizure of the Whiteman’s farmlands in Zimbabwe.

When my father was alive, he handed over to me a certificate meant for a secret deposited trunk box which he made in a security company in SOUTH AFRICA, he disclosed to me that the trunk box contains US$18. Million Dollars(Eighteen Million United States Dollars). Shortly after the death of my father, I and my family received series of intimidation and harassments from the hands of President Robert Mugabe. Our properties were seized by President Robert Mugabe and converted to his personal use.

With the pressure of intimidation and bad governance, I and my family traveled to SOUTH AFRICA under refugees status in search of a good friend to my late father who lives in the city, we arrived only to discover that the man has relocated to somewhere else. It is for this reason we are contacting you, so that you should kindly not feel embarrassed receiving this letter from us.



We have contacted the security company to confirm the deposit and have established ownership, but was disappointed as it is against section 22 of the refugees act of no 130 of 1998 of the human right law which stipulates that asylum seekers will not be allowed to operate a bank account or to owe an enterprise, We decided to solicit for your assistance in the withdrawal of the trunk box for investment purposes.

We cannot do it all alone due to our status and we are totally ignorant in business and investment, you will be given 25% of total sum at the end of the transaction, if you are trustworthy and interested in the proposal, please contact me via e-mail on this my PRIVATE AND PERSONAL

For security reasons for now on more details, you must maintain absolute confidentiality at all times to ensure success because no other person knows that money is contained in that box except me and my family and like we are telling you now. Things required from you are: (1) To come to SOUTH AFRICA to meet me face to face so that we can make arrangement to transfer the money to a safe account which you will provide.

(2) To advise me on a viable sector where we can invest to make good use of the money. It is important to note that during my fact finding mission to establish ownership of the subject matter, I decided to write you with all hope that you will not betray the trust I want to impose on you.

I expect your timely response.via email above (johnmabuza@webmail.co.za)



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