Saturday, April 12, 2008


Microsoft Award Team
12th.avenue kwame nkrumah,
ouagadougou,burkina-faso .

REF : 008795727498
BATCH No : 409978E
LUCKY No : 14-21-25-39-40-47(20)

We are pleased to inform you that your e-mail address has won the
microsoft award (1,000,000) Dollars in microsoft award program held
on 28th january 2008,

The online cyber microsoft award draws was conducted from an exclusive
list of 21,000 e-mail addresses of individual and corporate bodies picked
by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet,
no tickets were sold.

After this automated computer ballot, your e-mail
address emerged as one of our ten winners in the 2nd category "A" You
are therefore been approve to claim the sum of (1,000,000 ) Dollars.
To file for your claims,you are to contact (Mr yusuf bada) on
______________________________ _______________
Tel : 226-78-89-78-34
Email :
Yours Faithfully,
Mr yusuf bada
management microsoft award

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