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I’m sorry for embarrassing you with my mail. I have just gone through your
profile and concluded that we can work together in good harmony, for betterment
of our future, in a shortest period of time, if only we can work together.

My name is Hassan M. Hoque. I am a solicitor with M & R chambers of United
Kingdom, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia branch and personal attorney to Mr. Eich (the
President of carmaker museum) who died with his family in the July, 2000 Air
France crash.

For your confirmations visit:

Since my client left no record of any next of kin but I have made several
inquiries to locate any of my clients extended relatives which had proved

As a matter of fact, he had a fixed time deposit of £1,700,000.00 (One million
and seven hundred pounds sterling with a finance house in Malaysia and stocks
worth £1,257,000.00 (with unclaimed dividends) being managed by his

Consequently, the Finance house has issued me a notice to provide my client
next of kin or have the fund liquidated within a short time. Based on my
unsuccessful search for his relatives for the past six years, I therefore seek
your consent to present you as the next of kin/inheritor to my deceased client,
so that the money will be transferred to your account for us to share upon

As his personal Attorney I have all the legal documents and all it takes to
back-up this claims and to convincingly present you to the bank as the next of
kin to my late client without trouble.

All I require is your honest cooperation. I guarantee that this will be
executed under a legitimate arrangement without breaking government’s law.

I would like you get back to me with the Email address here below:

I am looking forward to hearing from you


Hassan M. Hoque

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