Thursday, July 17, 2008


Attention,my friend,

I have paid the delivery charge the courier requested for the delivery of your drafted cheque($850,000.00 USD) my Boss instructed to send it to you for your compensation.I have been waiting for you since then to come down here and pick your draft cheque as he said but I did not hear from you as we fixed.I went to the bank to confirm if the draft still valid or getting near to expire and the Director of PAYING BANK Dr.Wilson EcoBank Benin told me that before the draft will get to your hand that it will expire.So I told him to cash the Eight hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars only to cash payment to avoid loosing this funds under expiration.
DR.WILSON,whom converted your draft into cash advised me to transfer the ($850,000.00 USD) to you through DIPLOMATIC means because Government of this Country will not allow them to transfer the fund into USA account.That is the reason I deposited the fund with the TOP CHRONO COURIER COMPANY BENIN REPUBLIC.

For security reasons and to ensure that this fund get to you safetly as the Bank explained,I told the TOP CHRONO DIRECTOR that the TRUNK BOX content is CLOTHS you order for samples because DR.WILSON covered the total fund with cloths before he lodged it in Trunk Box.I have PAID them the delivery charges and they will deliver the Package to your HOME not in their Branch in the state.

Send your below information,Full Name,Mailing Address And Your Private Phone Number.And do not let the director to know that the said package contains money to avoid them not run away with your fund.Below is your package registration No,27.2KGXX5 and deposited Date,16th junely 2008.

Now feel free to contact the TOP CHRONO COURIER COMPANY with bellow information and request for the delivery immediately which was deposited with them by Secretary.Benard Kalu.

Contact Person: Fred Ikem.

Company Name:Top Chrono Courier Service.

E-mail Address,(
Telephon number:+229 93890618
I will not longer stay in this Country Benin,I will move out of this Country next tomorrow with my family to JEAPAN.So Call Dr.Marthins Dave(EcoBank Accountant Officer,phone,0022993771892)for the key of the TRUNK BOX because they advised me not to send the key with thesame Courier Company for security reasons.I plead him to send it to you incase you need the key before the delivery but you can easily brake the Box.

God Bless you.


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