Tuesday, July 22, 2008


¡Tengo nueva dirección de correo!

Ahora puedes escribirme a:phillipjohnson0013@yahoo.com.co

- - Dear Sir/ Madam,It is my warmest pleasure writing you this business letter with a view that you will accept my request and give me a positive response hence time is essence. I am the payment officer controlling the whole of African zone for euro-maximedia lottery awards here in Africa. And by the virtue of my position and the power bestowed on me by the organisation, I hereby notify you that there's this won prize sum of (TEN MILLION EUROS) that is about to be returned to the company as unclaimed funds,I have decided to contact you about it. well if you know that you are interested in this business proposal, all I want from you is to stand as the winner of the won prize money in question,as this organization does not allow their staff to take part in any of this lottery competition, and moreso, this is also one of the layed down policy of the lottery company.Now the company has directed me to prepare the records of all pending won prize money to the winners.(Unclaimed) Meanwhile, the winner of the said fund has been sent a notification information since 13th of febuary 2008, and uptill date there has not been any response from him, and the policy of the company states that if a notification is been sent to a winner after 21 working days without response from the beneficiary,then the money returns to the company as unclaimed funds. As the first category of the lottery winners, which is from total prize of( 100,000, 000.00 euros) shared among the tenth international winners in this category. All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from over 10 million names from Australia, New Zealand, America, Europe and North America,Asia,Middle East and Africa as part of International Promotions Programme which is being conducted annually,This fund is now deposited with a company here in Europe and inssured.Meanwhile, the prize money will be shared between you and I into 50% each.Note that I have done my homework very well in our company as the payment officer/director controlling the whole of African zone for euromaximedia lottery awards, this transaction is safe and guaranteed 100% risk free.NOTE: If you know that you are interested in this business transaction, kindly contact me to enable me facilitate this business transaction with you. Please ensure to treat this matter in strict privacy as I protect my interest and job with the lottery company for now. Awaiting to hear from you asap. and please reply me back immediately if you know that you are interested in this business deal.God bless you and your family. Please reply to my, personal:emailaddress:phillipjohnson0004@yahoo.com Regards, from, (Rev.Phillip Johnson) payment officer/director for euromaximedia lottery Award, African zone.

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