Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Confidential Letter !!!

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Subject: Confidential Letter !!!
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Confidential Letter

Compliment of the season. My Name is Odemba Ibori, son of the formal Delta
state Governor in Nigeria. It took me some time to build the trust of
writing you this mail because I really do not know who to trust, Please I
will need you to keep this mail confidential between tow of us for
security reasons.

I need you to help me withdraw the sum of $56 Million USD belonging to my
Father. My Father (James Ibori) was arrested by the Nigerian Government
for corruption, money laundering and abuse of office.

I will give you more details if you are willing to help.

Please open the website link below for more details

Please get back to me via
this email address or phone number.
(odemba_ibori@yahoo.co.id) +234 803 8421 226

Odemba Ibori

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