Monday, July 7, 2008

Looking forward to receive your prompt reply

Dear friend,

Compliment of the day.

My names are Dr. Mark Stevenson I am the head of Accounts and Audit Department in one of the first class prime bank in Great Britain . In my utmost search for a reliable and trusted foreign business partnership in overseas, I found your dozier in the internet very fascinating and I was highly elated by your company profile and I won't hesitate to say I have found the right overseas partnership I have been looking for to handle this deal on my behalf, hence I pick up interest in doing this business transaction with you.

Therefore, it will be interesting and amazing to have you as mine overseas partner hence I offer you this great deal involving a whooping sum of United state dollars. The funds originally were officially deposited in my bank Vogt by a Chinese Millionaire who is into exportation of computer soft ware ( name with held) whom was among those who lost their life in the recent China Earthquake desaster which took place in the month of March this year.

In our routine monthly management brief meeting in the month of May, the board of director of my bank has directed my office to look for the relative of the deceased customer in view to come forward for claims of the deposited fund. All effort for me and my office to locate the relatives of the deceased millionaire customer both in the internet and other possible means to come forward for the claim of the deposited funds has not be able to yield any result.

Also there was no written will left with my bank by the deceased millionaire customer so very frustrating for us in locating his immediate family to come for claims so based on this premise, I ousted to look for a reliable asia business partnership some with your kind of profile to help me in pulling out this funds out of my bank before my bank take advantage of the funds.

Having come from the same continet with the deceased millionaire customer and I being the person in charge, the deal will be done easily without any problem arising. Havent accepted my offer, I shall put you through the process of claiming the funds as the deceased millionaire next of kin (COUSIN).Also, I will release to you all the secret information?s of the deposited funds and the vital document concerning the transaction to enable you have proper knowledge of the transaction.

Please rest assured there is no risk involved in this transaction as an insider, I am fully on the ground here to pave way for things to happened the way it is planned so no cause for alarm. If this offer is acceptable to you, please revert back to me immediately with your private phone & fax numbers where you can be easily reached.Or you can send me a fax or call me via my private fax no: 0044-870-235-4268 & tell: 0044-702-4070185 for further discussion. As soon as I have your opinion in this regards, I will prevail to you the procedure and step by step of the transaction .

Looking forward to receive your prompt reply.

With kind regards,
Dr. Mark Stevenson.

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